Moving Out Again?

Okay. So yes, another “life update” type of post haha. A lot has been happening albeit unnoticeable to social media due to my lack of online activity. I moved to a new place! Where? Bonifacio Point Why? Easy. I hate long, daily commutes and I’m basically buying my own time for other more important stuff. Plus – total independence Kumusta naman? It’s been a mild emotional rollercoaster ride! I don’t know why but it feels sadder to move out within the country rather than moving out to another country. For the first few days, I just felt sad. Contrary to […] Read More

Progress in Art Journey

Wow, 2 months since my last blog post. What have I been doing? Drum roll please: Art school!   Yes, I got into art school again. I took a 6-month specialist course at CIIT, for 3D modelling and animation.   I’ve always wanted to learn 3D but I haven’t gotten around to trying out Blender (even though I’ve already watched many videos from Blender Guru, Andrew Price). I’ve also been eyeing this course for over a year so now that I can afford it, I pushed through!   To share a short detail about me – I like setting goals. […] Read More

Netflix Movies & Series Review | February

I’ve watched a couple of content on Netflix and I repeatedly felt like I wanted to write something about them on my blog. So compiling them into one post seemed like a nifty idea. There’s no spoilers below so no need to worry. Movies The Babysitter I’m one for realistic story lines, but the idealistic take of this movie is an exception. The cinematic art of it saves it from the typical “does that really happen in real life?!” reaction. They made it super obvious that it’s not meant to be taken in a serious and realistic context. The dialogues […] Read More

On Coming Home

I am home and I don’t think I will leave again – for work under this company anyway. To work on a desktop and be remote is quite inefficient, don’t you think? I do. Those two weeks were sadder than the 3 months I did last year. Maybe because I didn’t want to go back anymore. And the two weeks I experienced supports my predicament. The day I was flying home was the most rewarding feeling I ever felt in my stay under this company. The days prior to it were surely surreal. I wanted say goodbye to the people […] Read More

Reverse Bucket List

I have a daily newsletter subscription from Fast Company and one of the most interesting things I’ve read from them is the “Reverse Bucket List“. It’s basically listing down the things that you have already done – of which you are grateful for or proud of – rather than listing down things that you want to do in the future. They said that yearly bucket lists are always rather daunting to follow. It’s like a long term to-do list so it’s easy to be overwhelmed by it and be disappointed that you haven’t done so much things in life. We’re […] Read More

Most Notable Moments Of My 2017

This year has been really fun for me – fun meaning it had a lot of ups and downs. It is the first full year out of college, and damn! A lot happened in 365 days. Everything that happened in the first half of the year seemed so distant already. Let’s start the most notable moments list with this:

Why Adult World Is A Scam

We have this thinking, of how life has levels. And that adults, or rather older people, are better than us. But based on my observations, most, if not all of them are not. They just present themselves like they know what they’re doing, but they really don’t. They could be your parents, your professors, your supervisors, or the aunts and uncles who like nosing into your life. I’m not saying we’re better than them either. I’m just saying that I’m disappointed with how they sold themselves to me, because I believed when they said they’re way better than me. I […] Read More

A Guide To Missing Your First Solo Flight

It’s hard to be unique these days. You gotta think of unorthodox ways to make yourself standout. Some do pranks and viral videos. I took it up a notch and just decided that missing my flight is a cool thing. And here I’m going to show you how to do it!